The Pathway to Self-Sufficiency

One in five children (22%) live in poverty in America, the highest rate in the industrialized world



Programs and Services

Stride provides families with support, advocacy, guidance and assistance tailored to meet each family's individual needs and abilities. We accomplish this through life skills and employment training and connecting families to educational and community resources.

Community Assistance Program:

This program provides information, referral, outreach, limited in-kind assistance, and short-term assistance to connect individuals and families in need with existing community  and Stride services. We serve, on average, 30 -50 people per month through this program.

Road To Opportunity Programs: 

Stride provides support, stability, life skills and employment training, and connects families to educational and community resources tailored to meet each family's unique needs and abilities. Our case management staff helps families develop individualized service plans to establish goals that promote stability and self-sufficiency. 

This program includes the following components:

Family Self-Sufficiency Program: 

Stride has structured this program to provide the resources, support, and assistance to become self-sufficient for an average of 20 low-income families with children each year.

Work 4 Success:

The Work 4 Success staff provide assessment, individualized plans for training and employment skills, and career guidance for an average of 15 families annually. The goal of this program is to build a solid foundation for job readiness that will lead to better opportunities, job training, job retention, promotions and higher pay.

Housing Navigator:

This Stride program provides assistance locating and securing housing, with 6 months of follow-up services, for 18 homeless families annually. The aim is to ensure families secure and maintain permanent housing while building their skill set to achieve self-sufficiency.

Computer Adoption Program:

Over 20 free computer systems are provided to families each year. The goal is to close the technology gap experienced by families living in poverty and provide access to the technology that can help them find employment and success in school.  Stride volunteers refurbish the computers, and provide support, repairs, and upgrades.

Supporting Achieving Family Excellence (SAFE):  

This program partnership with Mile Hi Church provides holistic mentoring services to an average of five Stride families annually. The goal is to provide intensive intervention to help families in crisis achieve stability. Target families are those just entering its programs or existing families that have experienced a set back and temporarily need additional support.

 Housing and Opportunities Programs:

These programs provide affordable housing and support services to homeless and low-income families. 

Transitional Housing for Homeless Families 

An average of 30 qualifying families receive up to 2 years of rental assistance and services in this program annually. Each family’s program goal is to obtain and retain permanent stable housing and increase their earned income.

Supportive Housing  

Qualifying homeless families with multiple barriers receive permanent housing through a partnership with Jefferson County Housing Authority and case management services through a grant with Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. The goal of this program is for families to maintain their housing, achieve stability and, if possible, self-sufficiency.  On average, eleven families are served in this program annually. 

Youth Success:

Stride provides in-kind holiday gifts, tickets to art, cultural and sporting events and access to affordable summer camp. The goal of this program is to make sure these children are supported, are successful students, and have access to enriching activities that can create a path for these children to become self-sufficient adults.

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