The Pathway to Self-Sufficiency


More than one third of the Americans who use shelters annually are parents and their children. 


Our Mission & History

Stride's mission is to provide families with services and a personalized plan to attain economic independence and break the cycle of poverty. 

Over 20 years ago, a collaboration of community leaders came together with a vision for a unique organization that would coordinate the services provided by public, private, and community agencies that served families who were attempting to become independent of welfare and other public supports. This new organization would provide comprehensive, coordinated services; fill gaps in existing services; and concentrate on empowering families to achieve long-term self-sufficiency and independence from all forms of public assistance.

A year later, in 1991, Stride received its 501(c)(3) status. Stride grew from 50 families to 225 families over the next five years - partnering with five Jefferson County housing Authorities. In 1993, Stride participated in its first homeless families grant, providing case management services to 10 formerly homeless families with children, in cooperation with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. In 2002, Stride expanded this program to serve a maximum of 35 families. 

The specific grants, funding sources, and program details have changed since then, but Stride has continued to provide housing, case management, and other needed support services to low-income and homeless families. 

Today, Stride is a community-based organization devoted to supporting low-income and homeless families. Strides focus is on helping families enhance their strengths and capabilities that will lead to long-term family stability and success.

How It Works

We empower homeless and low-income families to attain self-sufficiency and prosperity using a "hand up" approach rather than a "hand out".

Stride provides support and resources for education, training and counseling the parents and their children need to:

  • Ensure that families’ basic needs are met.
  • Overcome the challenges they face as a result of homelessness or extended poverty.
  • Support participants to develop stable families and the resources they need to achieve economic self-sufficiency.
  • Enhance participants’ employment opportunities through education, job training, and skill building directly related to employment.
  • Assist participants to obtain and retain employment while keeping them connected to the training and support they need to advance and become economically self-sufficient.
  • Ensure participants develop financial literacy skills and build financial assets
  • Create opportunities for families to achieve homeownership.
  • Make sure the children are supported, are successful students, and have access to enriching activities that can create a path to become self-sufficient adults.


  3000 Youngfield Street, Suite 170  |   Wheat Ridge, CO 80215  |   Phone: 303-238-3580


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