The Pathway to Self-Sufficiency



About Stride

Stride provides families with services and a personalized plan to attain economic independence and break the cycle of poverty.

Stride Families

  • More than 60 low income families in Jefferson County are served by Stride. About 60% were recently homeless
  • More than 89% are single-parent families who participate in Stride
  • Each families' goal is to to achieve stable full-time employment at a wage that will lift their family out of poverty 

Stride Graduates

  • Stride families are considered successful graduates when they have maintained steady employment for at least one year
  • Two-thirds of Stride's participants graduate
  • The average yearly income for Stride graduates is $5,800 at intake and more than $30,000 when they graduate 

Stride Programs

Stride helps each participant to develop an individualized plan for self-sufficiency.  Services may include;

  • Education and vocational training
  • Job search assistance
  • Coaching, mentoring, and case management
  • Emergency loans or household items for homeless families
  • Tutoring and After-school actitivities to help children succeed in school 

Where Stride's Money Goes

  • 91% of all funds donated to Stride goes to client programs
  • Only 9% supports fundraising and administrative actitivties

"I so appreciate everything Stride has done for me and my boys. Being a single parent, sometimes making ends meet is hard. The advice and ongoing support, being included in the Christmans gift program for my kids, and helping me improve my skills so I can get a better job...thank you."   -Jennifer

  3000 Youngfiled Street, Suite 170  |   Wheat Ridge, CO 80215  |   Phone: 303-238-3580


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